Understanding the importance of latest Graphic Trends

Understanding Importance of Graphic Trend - Bahavi Digital

As they say, “everything old is new again,” and next year will be a year of modernising graphic design trends from the past and diverging from the flat design landscape of recent years over the industry

At first what you need to think is that if you are feeling fashionable and want to add some contemporary flair to your designs, Understand the trend and cope up with it.

Design helps us understand our world, and trends place us in time. Just like in every other part of life, we seem to be in opposition with ourselves: hence we have a theory of next year is all about contradictions. Design trends from conflicting eras and opposing ends of the visual spectrum are all vying for attention.

Whether you’re a designer or working with a design agency, all you need to understand is that you need to stay on top of the latest graphic design trends. Consumers don’t come in asking  “what’s that you have in latest and say I want that!” Clients actually approach in for solutions to their marketing communications needs and issues. So almost all clients care far less about design trends than the designers worry about, hence we have to be in a state to deliver the solution in the current trend.

The main fields in which the latest trends rely upon are

  • Responsive Logo Designs
  • Bold Typography
  • Abstract Designs
  • Animation and GIFs
  • Dynamic Duotones
  • Gradients
  • Geometric Patterns 

Of course, there are markets for whom the trendy item is an effective tool, but in markets from entertainment, to bio science, to financial market to pharmaceutical, exactly zero have ever been interested in trending design is the scenario of previous world. But today all industry what to reach out their communication in a trendy layout to increase the brand equity to their followers. Hence knowing the latest trends will help you keep your standards of work higher and futuristic. To help all graphic designers and graphic design service providers, we have listed down the top trends with predictions that will dominate the next year.

Visual Treats

As per the top graphic design companies across the world, the human brain is trained to understand symmetric pictures. However, when it comes across its opposite, it is more likely to pause passing signals in 90% of cases and stop to process the image to understand its meaning even if it is easy to understand and the viewer already understood it. This adds engagement and playfulness in the graphical elements and that’s why each graphic design agency focuses on using the deformation of graphical elements.

Colour Theme

In earlier times, the giants like Samsung, Apple, etc. were using dull colors and that’s why that had been a trend. However, the audiences are bored with dull-colored logos, mobile layouts, and web pages. Thus, the color theme trend is moving towards bright, dark, and vibrant colors. The dark colors are picking up audiences’ attention faster. The black with different tones will gain more popularity in 2020 than dark green or blue.

Gradients and Abstract Pattern

The audiences are bored with monotonous designs and that’s why to look for variations in graphics. The color transitions, more commonly used the word by the top graphic design companies, are in trend. In simple words gradient color effect in the images with duotones started capturing audience attention since last year and now it is clutching more and more audiences. Thus, it will be one of the top trends in 2020. It is one of the most recent innovations in the graphic design industry and that is why the graphic design service providers are often seen experimenting to produce something truly creative. For example, you may see a picture in a simple two-color division or you may see a smooth changeover from one color to another.

Animated graphics and GIFs

Gone are the days when all graphic design service providers advocated simple designs. Now, people demand nice and subtle elements from their graphic design agency with simple yet attractive animation. As the technology is advancing and these animations don’t take a toll on the site speed any more, this has been in trend and in 2020, you will see it more often.


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