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Experience design at scale

We are a creative agency. We help brands to talk to people and people to talk to brands. We propose creative solutions capable to amaze your target people and achieve the set objectives.

Understand your Set Objectives

Depending on the nature of a project, the kick-off meeting may be followed by all combination of research and understanding. The insights gained from the research session, expedite consensus & confirm that we’re making the right decisions.

Omni-channel content across devices

Consistency – coherent and meaningful experiences in every interaction with your brand. Omni-channel experience is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling, goals, objectives, and design across each channel and device. With this experiences, the customer may use multiple channels at the same time.

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Best ROI Techniques

We believe in doing exceptional work that supports our clients’ vision and objectives. Having a comprehensive strategy is crucial for today’s business & we will help you rank that your competition may have missed.

Universal Friendly Content

We truly welcome branding and design challenges.​Motive of the design is easy to understand, regardless of the user’s experience, knowledge, language skills, or current concentration level. Hence, the content is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities.

Usage of Perfect Tools

When you make a contract with an agency, you get access with the specialised tools to the apt environment. For instance, Bahavi team has licenced adobe suits with the highly organized experienced team.

Amazingly strategic Design

Our focus is on strategic design solutions that achieve successful business outcomes.We work with a vast range of clients – of all sizes – from independent start-ups to large national companies.

Focused Tech support

Focused precisely on the needs of our customers, we have a highly motivated team of support services which complement our scientific disciplines.Our team are dedicated to giving you the best possible start which means individually tailored support, from assistance to progress.

Result Oriented Approach

We care about what you want to achieve, & our expertise can help you get there. With our skills and experience and our can-do approach, we’re in the business of making our client’s lives easier.

Why You Need to Work With a Creative Agency

Far from being too small to handle a big account, these kinds of firms can give you much more confidence that you’ll be working with the high-quality creatives.

Timely Delivery

On time delivery seems simple but is actually quite nuanced, with a myriad of factors complicating both Timely and total delivery: We make sure that all your digital experiences from us is delivered with satisfaction.

Timing delivery of Project

Best in creating a Core Social Media Schedule

Team Bahavi will work over all for your brand to offer you the best possible digital solution. 

From Startups to Behemoth of Industry

We offer design thinking-based and technology driven services in digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation.

Bahavi mirrors creative imaginative game plan to change the way how your digital media operates as both a brand and in the way it performs.

We design high-performing digital solutions that cultivate truly meaningful relationships for your brand. We design and build experiences that meet and anticipate business goals and consumer needs. We cut through our clients’ unique complexities and rapidly discover opportunities for unforeseen growth and innovation.

A Good portfolio Will Get You A great project

Social Media Management

We understand your brand values and unique proposition inside and out making this the heart of strategies driving everything we do. We have a solid, in-depth understanding of how social media works and how to leverage particular platforms that are relevant to the business in different scenarios. This requires real working experience of specific platforms and insights of how people interact online. We monitor trends, new opportunities and treats, competitors’ movements, changes in consumers taste and preferences.

Perfected in tailor made logos

Corporate Identity

Video Campaigns

Video has become such a natural part of the browsing experience that advertisers can use it to quickly engage with their audience and a great video is to tell a story. It can show off your product or service in a unique way.Advertisement with video is the biggest advantage and has been rising steadily as the go-to for marketing.

Our Unique Project close-out checklist

 In order to make things go smoothly, the stakeholder and us have a well-documented criteria of performance in place from the beginning till closing of the project.

Checklist for client handling - Project Management

If you brief a humdrum team, they will spoil your brand communications idea.

If you give a humdrum idea to a vivid team, they(i.e us) will either fix your perception or and come up with something unique.

Team Bahavi

Design is an opportunity

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a page or channel. How are the creative stories of the future going to look like?


The photo occurs in a broader scope than the snap of the camera. It starts with the first glance of attention

Video Art

We all shun away from it on museums, but in the real world, video art can, and does, make a difference

Web Design

Endless design possibilities start with a single possibility that wants to expand further than ever before

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